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Shandong Electric Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Electric Engineering Group Co., Ltd.") was established in May, 2012. It is an industrial unit directly under the State Electricity Co., Ltd., with more than 20 affiliated enterprises. It was first established in 1958, Many enterprises have been established for decades and have been in the same boat with the motherland all the way. They have worked hard in the magnificent and brilliant changes in New China and are willing to contribute. They have made outstanding contributions in the fields of transmission, transformation and distribution equipment research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, testing, complete sets of equipment, services and general contracting of projects. The full series of core businesses such as transformers, high-end towers, cables, composite appliances are in the first array in all relevant industries in China, It is internationally famous and competitive, with more than 40 technologies leading the world, creating a good image of "made in China"

stride forward to the first-class array

in 2012, Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., a modern enterprise with high starting point positioning, high standard start and high-level operation in the field of power equipment, came into being. Since its establishment, the company has led its subordinate enterprises to focus on serving the energy and power industry, provide technology, products and services to global customers with strong development momentum and excellent innovation ability, and quickly achieve strength, expansion and excellence

from the first 100 kV power transformer to more than 30 converter transformers, it has been successfully produced at one time. In 1958, Shandong Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., was born because of electricity, mainly supplying auxiliary machines and spare parts for power industry units to ensure the safety of electricity. In 1969, Shandong equipment company successfully produced the first sfs-1000/100 power transformer. With the rapid development of UHV, under the leadership of Shandong electric, the enterprise has rapidly accelerated the transformation and upgrading of power equipment manufacturing. After continuous breakthroughs, it has broken the record of power equipment manufacturing again and again. On April 29 this year, 33 converter transformers of Shandong Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. achieved a continuous successful output, breaking the world record in many fields. At present, Shandong electrician electrical transformer business is booming, with the R & D and manufacturing capacity of AC/DC, full voltage, full series transformers and reactors. It has completed the performance delivery of more than 20 UHV projects with high quality, and the product performance has reached the international leading level

manufacturing records of transmission and transformation towers from 141 meters high to 380 meters high. In June, 2001, Zhejiang Shengda iron tower Co., Ltd. affiliated to Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. gathered excellent technical backbones to set up a youth commando team, which used manual setting out and the only 3-meter-long gantry crane to complete the processing task, and realized the erection of the first 141 meter high tower with 110 kV steel pipe pole in Zhoushan Daishan sea crossing project. After 2012, Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. promoted Zhejiang Shengda to firmly grasp the historic development opportunity of power steel pipe tower and climb the peak bravely. In September, 2018, Zhejiang Shengda completed the processing and manufacturing of 380m Zhoushan 500kV power transmission and transformation project with high quality, breaking the world record for the height of transmission towers set by itself 10 years ago, and once again set a series of records in the field of transmission towers, such as the world's largest tower tonnage, the world's largest steel consumption of single base towers, the world's largest foundation opening, the world's highest concrete pouring height, the world's first foundation mixed pressure sea crossing tower, etc

in recent years, Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. has led more than 10 iron tower manufacturing companies, including Anhui Hongyuan iron tower Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huadian Iron Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chongqing Shuntai Iron Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and has always been the leader in the transmission iron tower manufacturing industry, building a solid iron skeleton for the construction of China power and world power

in addition, Shandong electric Hitachi high voltage switchgear Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., has completed the manufacturing and installation of Sutong Gil comprehensive pipe gallery project, the Gil project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity and the highest technical level in the world. All the products supplied have passed the on-site withstand voltage and partial discharge tests, creating a world project that can stand the test, and resolutely improving the power equipment to ensure electrical safety

transformers are in the leading position in the domestic industry, iron towers are in the first place in the industry, combined electrical appliances and wire and cable business are in the forefront of the industry, and have reached the domestic leading level in terms of transmission line monitoring

from 4 to 42, surpass all the way and embark on the road of "leading". In 2012, at the beginning of its establishment, Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. integrated its affiliated enterprises, and only four scientific and technological innovation achievements could reach the international level. Through continuous efforts, up to now, the company has 42 Scientific and technological innovation technologies up to the international level: on July 27 this year, the zzdfpz-607500/converter transformer developed by Shandong equipment company passed the expert group appraisal and became the converter transformer that must meet the requirements of a] and b] as far as possible, with the highest voltage level, the largest single product capacity, the most advanced technical level and the greatest manufacturing difficulty in the world; On September 6, 2018, the 110kV natural ester insulating oil transformer with the largest capacity in China was successfully developed, which has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, green environmental protection, low loss and low partial discharge; On February 5, 2018, Beijing guofuda science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of the application technology of the new ductile iron material for power transmission towers of 35 kV and below. For the first time in China, ductile iron material was used for power transmission towers to replace concrete poles and steel pipe poles, which not only has light weight and strong corrosion resistance, but also reduces the costs of manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance; On May 16, 2016, Chongqing Taishan Cable Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of 500 kV XLPE insulated AC cable, which is currently the AC cable with the highest voltage level in the world. As an indispensable equipment in the AC transmission line, it can significantly increase the transmission capacity and reduce the line loss... 4 to 42, not only a simple digital change, but also reflects the hard power of the company to "strive to surpass and pursue excellence"

in recent years, Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. has aligned itself with international advanced technology, established R & D centers and branches with professional and technical personnel as the core, and built a sophisticated scientific research team, with Academician workstations, graduate training bases, CNAs accreditation testing centers, Key Laboratory of ultra-high voltage transformer technology of State Grid Corporation of China, Key Laboratory of ultra-high voltage transmission and transformation technology and equipment of Shandong Province Shandong UHV GIS Engineering Technology Research and development center and other scientific research platforms. At present, the company is adhering to the "two wheel drive" of independent research and development and brain learning, relying on major scientific research projects, and carrying out joint technical research with scientific research institutions and universities such as the Chinese Academy of electrical technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, and the level of research and development applications has always been at the forefront of industry development

guided by Party building and firm confidence in development

in accordance with the unified deployment of the Central Committee and the work deployment of the Party group of national household appliances Co., Ltd., the Party committee of Shandong Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. has organized and carried out the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind"

since June this year. Focusing on the general requirements of adhering to the original intention, bearing the mission, finding gaps, and grasping implementation, and the goals and tasks of "theoretical learning is fruitful, ideological and political education is baptized, directors dare to take responsibility for entrepreneurship, serving the people and solving problems, and being honest and clean as an example", Shandong electrician electric has carefully studied and educated, conducted in-depth investigation and research, comprehensively examined problems, and systematically implemented rectification, continuously promoted and promoted the reform and development of enterprises, and achieved remarkable results

adhere to the principle of Party building leading development, integrating party building into development and promoting development, test the cohesion and combat effectiveness of Party organizations with the results of enterprise reform and development, and test the effectiveness of Party building with performance. Based on the characteristics of the electrical equipment industry, we should deepen the innovative practice of "party building +" by focusing on specialization, standardization, standardization, projectization and informatization, and turn the unique advantages of Party building into enterprise development advantages

emphasize politics in terms of safety and quality, deepen the activity of "no accidents around party members", implement the plan of "banner navigation and quality upgrading", and implement the safety and quality commitments at all levels; In terms of deepening reform, we should emphasize politics, innovate the form of "three bright points and three comparisons", and encourage party members to make breakthroughs in key links such as implementing the reform requirements of "deregulation and service", promoting the "de innovation" of the equipment manufacturing industry, deepening the reform of "three systems", and the reform of mixed ownership; Emphasize politics in marketing services, give play to the role of the Communist party service team, optimize the marketing service system, and deepen technical marketing; In terms of scientific and technological innovation, based on the needs of ubiquitous power IOT construction, a party member commando team was established in the fields of intelligent operation inspection, transmission, transformation and distribution, taking the initiative to undertake urgent and dangerous tasks, and promoting breakthroughs in the research and development of core technologies and major equipment; In terms of creating excellence, we should focus on politics, form a number of Party building demonstration sites with strong influence in the company, select and commend "one first and two excellence", deepen the action of "banner navigation · cultural climbing", do practical things for employees, and gather strong joint forces for officers to start businesses

looking forward to the future, Shandong Electric will always bear in mind its mission, accurately grasp the positioning of the "six forces" of state-owned enterprises, come forward and shoulder the heavy burden bravely, play a "pillar" role in the construction of "three types, two types and world-class" energy interconnection enterprises and the revitalization of the national equipment manufacturing industry, and further accelerate the construction of an international first-class power equipment manufacturer and system service provider, And make new contributions to promoting economic and social development

Chengdu Boyu won four copyrights of photothermal electric control system

China Power News correspondent Li Yueliang reported that recently, Chengdu Boyu new energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Boyu") won four more copyrights of photothermal electric control system software

so far, Chengdu Boyu has owned ten software copyrights, and relevant software has been applied to all projects of the company

for a long time, Chengdu Boyu has attached great importance to the software research and development of photothermal electric control system. Through many project practices, combined with practical applications, it has formed a number of software series suitable for different working conditions. These software have the characteristics of stability, fault tolerance, self correction, customer-oriented, etc., which escort the stable operation of its solar collector products

Chengdu Boyu is solar energy

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