Shandong Dongying rubber tire export volume reache

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In the first 10 months, Shandong was a rare material, and the export volume of Dongying rubber tires reached 2.52 billion US dollars

in this month, the total import and export value of Dongying City, Shandong Province was 10.3 billion US dollars, exceeding the level of last year, of which the export growth rate was 10 consecutive months, and the customer service work was cumbersome, ranking first in the province

in the structure of import and export trade, imported commodities are mainly copper scrap, copper and copper materials, fuel oil, of which the import of various copper products is 3.23 billion US dollars, accounting for 52.4% of the total import and export value. The export commodities are mainly rubber tires and mechanical and electrical products, of which the export of rubber tires is 2.52 billion US dollars, accounting for 61.2% of the total export value of the city. ASEAN has become the main import region for Dongying to accelerate the overall layout of China's R & D core technology and its action force, followed by Chile and the United States. The EU is the most important export region of Dongying, followed by the United States and Africa

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