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Lishide excavator 22 ton truck Shandong customer service report

lishide excavator 22 ton truck Shandong customer service report

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Guide: machine number: sc220se-7 working place: Linyi Ping working condition: Earth and stone accessories: crushing hammer working time 4165h this lishide sc220.7 is what I mentioned in August 2009. It has been used for nearly two years now, and the machine has used 4165 hours

working hours 4165h

this Rexroth sc220.7 is the one I raised in August 2009. The demand will reach about 30billion yuan. It has been used for nearly two years now. The machine has been used for 4165 hours and uses a crushing hammer. The appearance is very good. The whole car has no scratch marks. The driver is very attentive to the maintenance of the car

recently, the visit team of Rexroth company came to visit the car and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the car, which solved several problems for me, which made me very happy. I have been working on construction machinery for nearly ten years. At present, I use three cars, namely, Carter 320C, Daewoo and Rexroth sc220. I am quite satisfied with Rexroth sc220. Now let me introduce it truthfully:

1. Working efficiency and fuel consumption: the power of the whole vehicle is equal to that of Carter. The fuel consumption under general working conditions is L/h, and the fuel consumption under full load is 20 L/h. On the whole, it is more fuel-efficient than Carter, and its fuel consumption is at a medium level among excavator brands of the same tonnage

2. Engine performance: Rexroth sc220.7 adopts Cummins engine, with relatively stable working performance. There has been no problem since the new car was bought. Special engine oil designated by Rexroth factory is used for maintenance. The engine surface is also relatively clean

3. Hydraulic system: all Kawasaki components used in the hydraulic system have no oil leakage parts from the hydraulic pump, main control valve, motor, etc. since they were bought. The action is almost the same as that of the new machine. At present, there is no sign of disharmony

4. Other problems: now it is found that there is oil leakage at the cylinder head of the bucket cylinder. Replace the oil seal when you are not busy in a few days

5. Accessories and services: the price of accessories is also relatively cheap, which is cheap among the same excavator brands, and the service is relatively timely. The manufacturer regularly visits the end customers to understand the use situation, summarizes the problems encountered in the use process at the 2016 national scientific and Technological Innovation Conference and the requirements of drivers, timely reflects these problems to the factory for improvement, and obtains positive feedback from the factory

6. User's summary: I quite agree with Rexroth sc220.7. I am very satisfied with this machine now. There has been no failure due to the quality of the machine itself. After installing the crushing hammer, the work has been very stable and fuel-efficient. The service is quite satisfactory. The summary is that I can carefully maintain and use the original oil according to the manufacturer's requirements. I hope to maintain this good condition in the next time, Create more wealth for yourself. Please have the same type of machine colleagues are interested in sharing my experience

I always use the original oil. (attached figure)

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