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Shandong electric power maintenance: forge strong power with twelve points of spirit

in 2017, Shandong electric power leaped forward and UHV construction entered the fast lane. As the operation and inspection management unit of Shandong electric power main frame, Shandong electric power overhaul company, led by the party construction, adheres to the development main line of "double increase", continues to deepen the construction of "three best systems", and has engraved one touching mark after another in the process of excellence and first development: it has been called the advanced unit of Shandong electric power company; Won the second prize of the national UAV patrol inspection skills competition group and the first prize of the professional individual in the plant and station of the dispatching automation professional knowledge competition; 78 patents, 3 National Quality Management Awards, 1 first prize for technical achievements of national power workers, 1 second prize for national scientific and technological progress, and 15 Shandong electric power science and technology awards; Wang Jin's model worker studio was named as the national model worker and craftsman talent innovation studio, and Feng Xinyan's studio was named as the skill master studio of Shandong electric power company

unforgettable ˙ Keep your true colors

October 18, 2017 is the most unforgettable day in the life of Wang Jin, an employee of Shandong electric power maintenance company. He participated in the 19th CPC National Congress as a grass-roots party representative. "It's really exciting to be able to listen to the general secretary's report on the spot, and I have a feeling that my dream is reflected in reality." As a national model worker, Wang Jin has experienced many "big scenes", but he is still very excited about his feelings of attending the 19th CPC National Congress

after participating in all the agendas, Wang Jin returned to the company at the first time to share his insights with colleagues in the workshop and learn the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress together. At the same time, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress "great learning, great propaganda and great implementation" also kicked off with Wang Jin's propaganda. Whether it is the centralized study of the theoretical center group of the Party committee of the company, the "three meetings and one lesson" of the Party branch, or the political study of the team, studying the report of the 19th national congress word by word has become a "required course". In less than three months, Shandong electric power maintenance company held eight special tutorials for the 19th CPC National Congress, 11 grassroots lectures by representatives of the 19th CPC National Congress, and 40 special party day activities for branches. The spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress of "learning, understanding, and doing solid" has become a common practice in the company

Wang Jin, who has participated in many rounds of lectures, has a deep understanding: "the rapid rise in learning is mainly due to the solid progress of comprehensively administering the party strictly over the past year." In 2017, Shandong electric power overhaul company made the deployment of the party construction work meeting, formulated the "three-year climbing" plan covering "infrastructure construction, benchmarking management, and striving for excellence", and implemented four party construction projects of "building fortresses, strengthening muscles and bones, strictly performing responsibilities, and strengthening leadership"; The "two learning and one doing" learning and education were carried out in a regular and institutionalized manner, 59 key tasks of comprehensively and strictly administering the party were implemented, and the theme activity of "party building +" was carried out in depth... A series of clear-cut, solid and effective actions made the red main tone of this year more distinctive

Leye ˙ Consolidate the foundation

on November 15, 2017, Hou zongyou deliberately put on clean work clothes and set out for the safety supervision site. "This day is 5000 days of safety production for the company, which is a big day for those of us who are engaged in safety production." The security expert, who is over 50 years old and has worked on the front line for more than 30 years, has mixed feelings. "It's easy to fight, but difficult to defend. Now the external environment is so complex and there are so many on-site work, it's really not easy to create such a safety record."

however, Hou zongyou, the on-site inspector, did not "open up" to on-site violations because of this special day, and the "black hat Baogong" who was strictly controlled and strictly controlled was still serious. "5000 days is our new starting point. Only with 12 points of spirit can we maintain such a security situation." Hou zongyou is very clear about this, "being strict in on-site management is not only responsible for the company, but also for everyone working on the site. Safety production is our lifeline and the basis for all employees to work and be happy. There is no room for carelessness."

it is understood that in 2017, Shandong electric power maintenance company has made unprecedented efforts to pursue intrinsic safety: formulating the "Fifty hard measures to strictly prevent and adhere to", printing and distributing the "detailed rules for strengthening the evaluation of intrinsic safety improvement", implementing 16 early warning of electrical risks, and issuing 21 emergency plans; Sort out 34 items and 40 measures of maintenance and personal injury prevention and control; Carry out 15 key tasks such as 100 days' hard work in safety production, 17 special trainings such as high-altitude rescue, and 18 training examinations of safety regulations... Behind the almost harsh safety management, it is not only for career, but also for life

practice ˙ Overcoming difficulties and returning to life

November 29, 2017 is Dai Haitao's busiest day of the year. "You can rest assured that the stator of Shandong's first condenser will officially 'settle down' in the station. For UHV DC station, this is the most core equipment." Dai Haitao, who is in his early 30s, has experienced many war tests such as the annual overhaul of Jiaodong railway station, but he is still very cautious about this work. As a part of the "climate change action plan" launched by President Obama last year, "although the process has been very clear, the actual installation is still uneasy for fear of making a little mistake."

from lifting to debugging, the whole installation process was extremely smooth, and Dai Haitao and his colleagues finally breathed a sigh of relief. "In fact, our company here is just a clip of overcoming the difficulties of these partners' locations including China, Brazil, Europe, Russia and the United States this year. This situation full of tension and pressure is staged every day." Although he stuck to the UHV station for two years, Dai Haitao still knew the overall workload of the company like the back of his hand. "Everyone is under great pressure. Although we are very tired and under great pressure, there is always a large group of people who are more tired and under great pressure than us. As long as we work together, there is no barrier we can't cross."

in 2017, facing the "blowout" development of Shandong electric power, Shandong electric power maintenance company completed 15 projects including 1000 kV Yuheng Weifang UHV AC and ± 800 kV zarut Qingzhou UHV DC with high quality, "kerstan explained; Rigid completion of 412 maintenance plans, and efficient completion of the annual maintenance of UHV Quancheng station and Yindong DC system; Complete the transformation of the first anti dead zone countermeasures for 500 kV circuit breakers in China and the first UHV live line operation in the province; Build a 3D intelligent control platform... Every work makes Shandong electric stronger

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