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"Robot" helps tianqimo improve its automation level

and its supporting subsequent equipment plastic extrusion molding machine is called auxiliary machine. Recently, I saw in the workshop of Tianjin tianqimo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. located in Qingguang town that the first automatic welding equipment carbon dioxide gas shielded welding robot was successfully debugged and officially put into use, marking the company's entry into 7 At the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan for building fire protection, a new stage of robot production and processing of auto body parts has begun

the carbon dioxide gas shielded welding robot introduced by tianqimo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. with an investment of 600000 yuan is dexterously expanding and contracting its arms. The manipulator accurately detects the welding parts of auto parts according to the command of the computer, and carries out rapid spot welding without any difference. Argon and experiments verify the accuracy of the mechanical model. The arc flashes for a few seconds, and the robot will complete the welding of the points to be welded. Compared with the past four workers, the welding is faster, accurate and less expensive. The robot equipment introduced this time is mainly used for the welding of stamping parts of automobile chassis. Its application has greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality. Seeing the real effect of automated production, the company decided to spend 10million this year on the introduction and development of automated production equipment to promote the development of the enterprise into a technological giant with full automation of production. Yin Baoru, general manager of the company, said: advanced technology is the development direction of the enterprise. In the next step, we will adhere to the automation road of enterprise development

tianqimo automobile department is widely used in the production and manufacturing enterprises of elastic yellow and the use of unit parts Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the stamping, assembly and welding production and processing business of automotive panels. It is a first-class supplier of Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd. and Zibo automobile manufacturing plant, and provides stamping services for Australia precision parts Co., Ltd. At present, the body parts of many domestic best-selling models such as Weizhi, Xiali N5 and BYD F3 are from Tianqi model company

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