The hottest robot has become a mystery. What exhib

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Robots have become a mystery. What exhibits have such magic power

at the 20th Industrial Expo this year, Mitsubishi Electric appeared in the 6.1h automation exhibition hall. The three exhibition areas on site became the focus of the whole audience. Only since its launch, it has attracted nearly 10000 visitors to the booth. The crowded scene is beyond the reach of other booths. What is the charm of Mitsubishi Electric? Let's have a look

PLC assembly robot that can perfectly replace the parameters of oil delivery valve and oil return valve of hydraulic universal testing machine

the PLC assembly demo machine displayed on the site is a miniature version of Mitsubishi Electric's Small PLC FX production line. It applies Mitsubishi Electric's latest 6-axis fr assembly robot, and the completed process is to connect the CPU board and IO board of PLC through flat line connection

under normal circumstances, this process is completed manually. Now, through the collaborative operation of two robots, simulating the action of manual operation to complete the assembly, we can achieve more accurate and efficient results, which has two important characteristics

more precise mechanical sensor enables the machine to have touch.

Mitsubishi Electric has installed a mechanical sensor at the end of the fr assembly robot, which is used to sense whether the flexible cable is accurately inserted into the interface. Through the force feeling of the mechanical sensor, the tactile change like that of the human hand can be achieved, making the installation more accurate, and there will be no installation failure or installation error

more efficient collaborative CPU makes the robot a two handed

the CPUs of the two fr assembly robots are installed on the Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iq-r control platform, which means that the CPU of the robot and the logic control CPU of the PLC can communicate with each other on the same platform, which can shorten the collaborative beat and reduce the workload of developers. Because the double arm robot usually has many interference problems, now the double wall robot has a real-time data sharing in the CPU, which can effectively avoid many problems, shorten the working time and make the production more efficient

easily control MELSEC iq-r, which can record production site information at a high speed

to make the two robots achieve more accurate and efficient results, we need the role of the controller. As the brain of the PLC assembly system, Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iq-r controller can directly connect PLC and MES even if it has no connection and communication program, and collect and manage all information in the factory through seamless network, In this way, data recording synchronized with sequential scanning can be quickly realized, and problems can be quickly solved in case of failure, so as to contribute to the operation analysis, tendency analysis, prevention and preservation of equipment

the on-site processing was orderly, and the audience stopped one after another to remember

during the on-site operation, the two fr assembly robots operated together, making the installation process very smooth, which was a kind of visual experience for the on-site audience. People held up the camera in front of the robot, just to commemorate this smooth experience. More on-site professionals had a good chat with Mitsubishi Electric staff, in order to obtain the latest technical content of Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric adheres to the concept of intelligent manufacturing and value creation, and strives to make the manufacturing of several high-speed polyurea materials be stopped: the winning manufacturer changes the formula and reduces costs, and the enterprise has a more efficient and simple production mode, so that the manufacturing enterprise can fully feel the convenience of easy to use in a relatively large range! What are you waiting for? Recently, it has received the active support of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of the China International Association for the advancement of science and technology and the energy conservation and emission reduction industry alliance of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. Come to clover and meet here with Mitsubishi Electric to witness the bloom of Mitsubishi Electric

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