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China's robot industry is ushering in explosive growth, and the machine replacement action in various fields is constantly advancing

under the development situation of the rapid transformation of demographic dividend factors and the accelerated release of automatic production demand, China's robot industry is currently rising rapidly and ushering in an outbreak, the machine replacement action in various fields is constantly advancing, and the industry transformation and upgrading trend is becoming stronger. However, under such an upsurge, the short board of China's robot development is particularly obvious in improving energy efficiency. The lack of key parts caused by the lack of core technology and imperfect standard construction is seriously hindering the further growth of domestic robots. In the future, mastering the development technology of high-quality and high-precision core components and developing domestic core components with independent intellectual property rights will be the key to promote the development of robots in China to maturity

the development of robots in China continues to accelerate. Domestic reducers strive to break through the encirclement

the development trend of the domestic robot industry is rapid

in 2014, since the government put forward the "made in China 2025" action program, China has established a three-step manufacturing power strategy. Through the integrated development of industrialization and informatization, it is planned to consolidate China's position as a manufacturing power by 2020, become a manufacturing power by 2025, and become a world manufacturing power by 2050. In this process, the development of automation and intelligence is the key, and robots are expected

supported and guided by the national strategy, the development of China's robot industry has gradually entered the fast lane in recent years. Not only has industrial robots ranked among the world's largest demand and application market for six consecutive years, but applications in the industrial field are also accelerating to extend to the service field, bringing potential explosion and application landing to service robots based on business, family and personal, as well as special robots serving military, rescue and other scenes

at present, according to the upper line and lower effect, 20 provinces and cities in China have focused on the development of robot industry, with more than 50 related industrial parks and robot towns. Provinces and cities represented by Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, etc. have shown strong momentum. At the same time, the number of robot enterprises in the industry is also rising rapidly. There are more than 3500 enterprises related to the industrial chain, and the increment of domestic robot enterprises is obvious

during the two sessions this year, with the mention of intelligence + in the government work report, the integration of artificial intelligence and robots has further deepened, once again providing favorable conditions for the development and expansion of domestic robots. Under this influence, robots in China will not only continue to play an active role in factory automation in the future, but also make great achievements in the fields of intelligent storage, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation and consumption

it is seriously hindered by core components such as reducers

however, behind the boom in the development of the robot industry, the shortcomings of domestic robots can not be ignored. Although at present, a number of high-quality robot enterprises such as Xinsong and Everett have been born in China, gradually breaking the market domination of powerful countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States, except for these leading enterprises, most domestic enterprises are still just mixing in the downstream of the industrial chain, playing the role of assembly and splicing

the reason for this phenomenon is that domestic robots lack quality and intelligence, and enterprises have little influence on the market. The reason is that domestic enterprises have a significant gap with foreign giants in robot core technology and key parts. Take the reducer as an example. The reducer produced in China has low quality accuracy, short service life and insufficient operation stability, which makes the market prefer Japanese reducer products. After the technology and market are monopolized by foreign countries, the rise of China's robot industry is particularly difficult

the difficulties faced by the development of domestic reducers are largely due to the lack of standards. Due to the imperfection of domestic reducer product standards and industry standards, it is difficult to verify the quality and reliability of domestic products, and enterprises in the industrial chain dare not use them. In this situation, if domestic robots want to make a breakthrough, they should abandon the wrong thinking of price war and low-end, and combine the efforts of the government, industry and enterprises to jointly promote the construction of standards for key parts of robots, so as to better regulate the development of domestic robot industry and achieve sustainable growth

standards promote domestic reducers to break through.

fortunately, with the joint efforts of domestic leading enterprises and the government, the current development of reducers in China has made a breakthrough in standardization

in May 2014, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration issued and implemented the national standard of harmonic gear reducer for robots. It is understood that the standard basically covers the classification principles, technical requirements, performance indicators, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, transportation, storage and other aspects of harmonic gear reducers for robots, and specifies the technical indicators and corresponding technical contents of harmonic gear reducers in detail. At the same time, at the 2018 China robot industry conference, the standard of precision cycloidal planetary gear reducer for robots drafted by Qinchuan group was also officially released and has been implemented since January 1, 2019

many insiders believe that 2019 has a good chance to become the first year of the transmission system of the domestic RV Reducer. 4. The electronic universal experimental Joshua Goldberger machine. On the one hand, the international forces represented by the four families are facing the problem of insufficient production capacity supply. After years of investment and process accumulation, China has the capacity for mass production. Driven by the local price advantage, the acceptance of domestic reducers is greatly improving

on the other hand, the deep cultivation of international giants in the Chinese market has also led to the accelerated transfer of production capacity to China, which is bringing technology, talents and supply chain replacement to Chinese industry enterprises. In addition, the release of industry standards and the continuous optimization and improvement of the domestic market environment are bringing good development to the outbreak of domestic reducers

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