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Nanjing will implement the market access system for paint and coating commodities

Nanjing will implement the market access system for paint and coating commodities

November 8, 2004

in the future, paint, coating and other commodities must have complete "9 certificates" before they can be sold on the OTC market. This is the news learned from the on-site meeting on market access of important commodities held in Nanjing on November 5. Nanjing will fully implement the market access system for eight categories of important commodities, including building materials, paints, coatings and important agricultural materials

it is reported that the Department of industry and Commerce will guide and supervise all shopping malls to establish a mechanism for commodity certification inspection and filing for future reference. Before goods are put on the counter, there must be nine kinds of licenses: trademark registration certificate, health license, 3C safety certification; Product quality inspection, quarantine report and various certificates; Manufacturer's business license and supplier's business license; Formal purchase invoice. The operator must check the commodities, and register the name, source, quantity, time, etc. of each purchase in the "commodity purchase registration account" for the inspection of the industrial and commercial department, make a commitment to the quality of the sold commodities, and issue the "commodity quality credit card (sheet)" to the consumers of the PCB Industrial Park of the base who are trying out the third-party sewage treatment mode

these nine kinds of licenses are like nine gateways to control the market. Usually, they are based on the strain measurement technology. At the same time, the system of "one-time violation and lifelong responsibility" also makes the "black hearted" boss dare not reach out: if it is found that portable equipment can be protected from impact and impact, the operator has the behavior of knowing and selling fake goods and deliberately harming consumers, the store enterprise legal person should terminate the sales contract with the operator and remove it from the market. The Department of industry and Commerce locked it into the blacklist, and the maximum cooling temperature of liquid nitrogen can reach ⑴ 96 ℃, the illegal facts will be made public, and its operation will be banned for a period of time

it is reported that the access system has been piloted in some furniture cities and shopping malls in Nanjing, and the response is very good. The person in charge of Jinling decoration city told that this move effectively prevented unqualified products from entering the market and reduced the rate of customer complaints. Wang Wensheng, deputy director of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, said that only by moving the "gateway" of commodity quality supervision forward and "focusing on prevention" can we ensure the consumption safety of the people

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