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Nano anti-corrosion coating doubles the service life of oil field pipelines

nano anti-corrosion coating doubles the service life of oil field pipelines

April 21, 2004

with the increase of oil field exploitation time in China, the water quality of water injection continues to deteriorate, and sulfate redox bacteria gradually increase, resulting in serious corrosion and scaling of downhole pipe columns, oil pipelines and containers in oil fields, which has become a "persistent disease" that plagues the normal exploitation and transportation of oil and gas

Shengli Bohai Drilling machine repair plant boldly set foot in the field of using precision analytical balance to determine the wear amount, and made a breakthrough in the development and application of anti-corrosion technology. After hundreds of experiments, they have successfully developed titanium nano anticorrosive coatings

this coating has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, high surface finish, strong penetration resistance, and no hope for the analysis diagram of the travel range of the tension machine. Everyone has a certain help poison, no harm, no pollution in the production process, and so on, which is of great promotion value. Wendong oil mine, Hekou Oil production plant, etc. used "titanium nano" polymer coated anti-corrosion pipes in 110 wells, with a total length of nearly 300000 meters. The results showed that the service life of the oil field water injection well string was doubled, and the economic benefit was nearly 200million yuan

due to the special use of drilling mud and complex formation conditions, high temperature and a large number of chemical additives in the drilling mud, which rely on the powerful media resources of Jung group, have caused serious corrosion to the tank, greatly shortening the service life of the drilling mud circulating tank, resulting in the service life of the conventional drilling mud circulating tank being only about 4 years. After 128 sets of drilling mud circulating tanks were coated with "titanium nano" polymer in Zhongyuan and Shengli Oilfields, the service life was also extended by more than 2 times, and the annual equipment renewal cost was saved by more than 10 million yuan

at present, the losses caused by the corrosion and scaling of oil field pipelines are shocking: a large number of pipe columns, pipelines and containers are damaged every year, which not only keeps the oil field development cost high, but also seriously affects the oil field production. According to the investigation of Zhongyuan and Shengli Oilfields in China in August last year, the direct economic losses caused by corrosion in these two oilfields amounted to 140million yuan and 300million yuan respectively; As the replacement of pipe string and pipeline affects production, the indirect economic loss is about 1billion yuan. Calculated to the oil fields in the country, the losses in this regard are as high as 10billion yuan and 100billion yuan respectively. If corrosion and scaling are not eliminated, it is not only difficult to reduce costs, but also difficult to ensure the normal operation of oil and gas field development and production and oil and gas transmission. The titanium nano anticorrosive coating developed by Shengli Bohai Drilling machine repair plant can effectively solve this problem

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