The hottest Nanjing version of Lao pao'er was beat

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Nanjing version of "old cannon": expose the fraud, get angry and ask for a frame to be sentenced

the movie "old cannon" is popular, which makes everyone understand what is "rules". Liu Ye, played by Feng Xiaogang, is a Beijing "aborigine" over half a hundred years old. When he was young, he got up in the "road" and was regarded as a well-known "cannon". At this age, he retired from the Jianghu and lived a plain life of teasing birds and walking around the bend every day

unexpectedly, the sixth master's son poked a basket outside and rowed someone else's car. It was originally a small matter, but as a result, it was repeatedly shouted by the other side's rude little guns, and the long-standing Jianghu atmosphere of the old guns who love to behave in everything broke out. Finally, the old cannon and the small cannon were about to stand in the wild lake behind the summer palace. Although the sixth master fell down, he also moved the small cannon and thousands of spectators with his loyalty and rules

the movie was hearty, but the old guns' rules may not work now. Today, the judge of Gulou court will tell you the story of a Nanjing "man", who was "righteous" but finally fell into the abyss of crime. The judges want to remind you that the movie is a movie after all. If something really happens, you can't deal with it as in the plot

you think this is "local anger"

in fact, it is a "rule" that does not understand the law.

on the afternoon of May 19, 2014, near youfangqiao subway station, Miao set up a chess stall. 50 yuan a game, if anyone can win me, 10 times the price

someone stopped to watch. 50 yuan, say more or less, but if you're lucky, you can get back 500! So someone rubbed his hands and jumped to try. Because the actual contraction rate required the influence of many factors, he could only use the approximate value...

Wang moujia, who just passed by, saw through Miao's trick with a glance, and then he burst out of heroic spirit, without hesitation reminded the passers-by who were moved: don't be fooled, this is a lie, who can't believe it, it must be losing money to him

the onlookers woke up after being reminded. "Kind" Wang moujia was not so lucky. This chess stall was originally a "gang crime". Miao's accomplices were hidden in the crowd, and they pressed Wang moujia to the ground and beat him fat. When Wang Yijia finally broke through the siege and called the police, when the police arrived, Miao and others had already dispersed, and Wang Yijia's heart held a breath...

at noon on May 29, Wang Yijia was "drinking and preparing" with his relatives and friends at the dinner table, and received his workmates, who learned that Miao and others had set up a chess stall near Tianzheng lake

the opportunity for revenge finally came! Wang moujia thought of being ashamed of himself, so he rose up and rushed to the nearby Tianzheng lake with five people including Wang mouc, thinking of educating Miao and others first, and then calling the police to bring them to justice

after arriving at the destination and observing the "enemy situation", I found that the number of the other party was large, and my five people here had little chance of winning. The last time he was beaten, he suffered a weak loss. Wang moujia weighed it in his heart, and then dialed Wang mouyi's and asked him to bring a few more people in the next step

the number of people was enough, and the "tools" were complete. Wang moujia had a little bottom in his heart, and then gave an order to rush towards Miao's chess stall with "brothers"

Miao was caught off guard. When Miao's companions saw this formation, their first reaction was to grease the soles of their feet - slip. Miao took into account the chess stall, hesitated for a few seconds, and missed the opportunity to escape. Its main function was to dry the cable core, which was pressed and beaten by Wang moujia and his gang

in the scuffle, Wang Yiyi waved a hammer and hurt Miao's left leg. While defending himself, Miao also fought back, hurting Yan's right eye and left ear. The scene was in chaos...

after venting his anger, Wang Yijia called the police, and then waited with Wang Yiyi and Yan at the scene for the police to deal with. However, the crime has become a fact. Wang moujia and others can't escape the legal sanctions in any case

let's not hide when things come.

also remember not to be impulsive.

after the case arrived, Wang a, Wang B and Yan all truthfully confessed the above facts

after identification, Miao's left femur was comminuted fracture, and the degree of injury was grade I minor injury. Yan's right eye and left ear were slightly injured

after trial, the victim of this case was at fault. The defendants Wang a, Wang B and Yan actively compensated Miao for various economic losses after the incident. The victim Miao expressed understanding to the three defendants and could be given a lighter punishment as appropriate

the final judgment is that the defendant Wang moujia committed the crime of affray and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment with four years' probation. The defendant Wang Yiyi committed the crime of affray and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment with three years' probation. The defendant Yan committed the crime of affray and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment with three years' probation

the voice of the judge

borrow a line from "the scorching sun burns the heart": "I like law very much. I think law is the best thing that human beings have ever invented. Do you know what human beings are? In my eyes, human beings are the sum of divinity and animality. That is, they are as good as you can't imagine. They generally have physical modifications and evil as you can't imagine. There is no right or wrong. This is human beings. So, law is particularly cute. No matter where you can be good, it restricts you from being evil to infinity. It knows that everyone's heart It's a little dirty. You can think about it, but you can't do it. Law is more like the subsistence allowance of human nature, which is a kind of compulsory cultivation. It tells you in a down-to-earth way, at least what it should be like. It's human and cruel. "

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