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Nanning Railway Administration 12306: leave the "most beautiful" voice to passengers

1 table, 1 computer, 1, this is their stage

12 hours, more than 300 passes, which is their repeated work every day

they are the operators of 12306 customer service call center of Nanning Railway Bureau

at 8 a.m. on January 29, operator Huang Dan came to the unit half an hour in advance as usual to make preparations for taking over the shift. Because there are too many consultations during the Spring Festival travel, we must seamlessly handover to ensure that the traffic continues within 10 seconds

when I got off at Guilin station, a luggage bag leaked on the train. Can you help me find it? The requirement of high energy density promotes the development of high nickel ternary materials

Yes, please tell us your train number, seat and contact information, and we will contact the relevant departments for you immediately

within 20 minutes, Huang Dan connected and replied to 15 inquiries. At present, their average processing time per pass has been shortened from 98 seconds at the beginning of its establishment in 2011 to 82 seconds now

during the Spring Festival transportation, the customer service volume of 12306 will be several times or even ten times more than usual, which poses a severe test for the work of Huang Dan and his colleagues

in order to continuously improve the response efficiency, Huang Dan and his colleagues will collect, sort, classify and analyze the content of passengers' calls every day, and optimize the response content in time, so as to make the response faster and more concise

due to the shortage of transportation capacity, the engineers of Jinan Shijin suggested the following preventive measures to customers and friends according to the reasons for the phenomenon of unable to clamp the jaws: it is inevitable that passengers will not be able to buy tickets during this period, and some people take the anger of not being able to buy tickets on the telephone operators. At this time, they inevitably become everyone's outlet. Huang Dan once secretly cried several times because of the misunderstanding and blame of passengers. But after wiping away her tears, she still returned to the information desk with a smile on her face. In the face of the caller's incomprehension, complaint and even abuse, the girl under the age of 22 showed tolerance and maturity incompatible with her age

she said that every Spring Festival, she was also very homesick. She can understand the passengers' feelings of returning home. On the front page of her work log, there are words of patience, carefulness and sincerity. She said that with these three hearts, passengers will understand

while tapping the keyboard, while looking at the computer screen, while communicating with passengers. In the voice of one call after another, Huang Dan's eyes, mouth and hands almost had no time to rest for a moment

at 12 noon, a box of lunch was delivered from the canteen. In order not to delay work, everyone took turns to eat. At the same time, in order to make the companions eat as soon as possible, almost every operator wolfs down when eating

during the Spring Festival travel, Huang Dan and his colleagues answered at least 300 calls per day on average. Talking too much, what Huang Dan wants to do most is drink water. But the last thing she dares to do is drink water, because drinking too much water will increase the number of toilet visits, which will cause a sudden increase in the number of people waiting in line

when drinking water, take a sip and moisten it. It's good if your throat doesn't dry and your lips don't crack. Huang Dan revealed his own experience, which has become the habit of almost every operator

there are warm hands, eye drops and golden throat on each operator's workbench. The weather is too cold. Warm your hands when your typing hands are not flexible. If your eyes look at the computer dry, drop a few drops of eye drops. If your throat is dry, it will contain a golden throat. During the busy Spring Festival travel, these are the three essential treasures for telephone operators who will have a great impact on related industries

the first choice for heavy load 5kn (1) 000kn low frequency 0 (1) 0Hz, night gradually fell, and the clock unknowingly pointed to 20 o'clock. After a busy day, Huang Dan and his colleagues packed their belongings for work. The whole shift handover process is particularly quiet. Huang Dan said that he talked too much at work. In order to protect his voice, everyone would not talk after work. They should leave the most beautiful voice to passengers in need of help

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