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The "scheming" nanny deliberately punctured the employer's trouser pocket to cover up stealing money

Chang Bao all media news Anhui native Ji (surnamed Hua) has been in Changzhou for many years with high impact strength and surface hardness in a relatively wide temperature range, and has been engaged in domestic nanny work. Since last July, she has been addicted to gambling, and has been out of control since then. She owes 100000 yuan in gambling debt. In order to repay gambling debts, she turned her eyes to her employer Zhang (surname changed). From November last year to January 4 this year, she stole property from Zhang's house several times. In order to make Zhang think that she lost money accidentally, she broke Zhang's pants bag and took away the cash and car keys. On January 4, she was found by Zhang after stealing again, and Zhang then called the police. Ji admitted that he stole 20000 yuan of cash from Zhang's family. At present, Ji has been detained by the bell tower police

the cash in Zhang's home has been stolen constantly, and a cash can full of cash has been emptied.

Zhang's family lives in a community near huaideqiao. Because they and his wife are busy, they have hired their nanny Ji to clean at home since last August

one day last October, Zhang went home late at night as usual, and went to bed immediately after returning home. At 12 o'clock the next day, he got up and found that the wallet in his pants pocket was missing, with 6000 yuan in it. Zhang looked for it at home for a long time and didn't find it. Zhang thought he lost his wallet accidentally, so he didn't care

in December last year, Zhang found that the money in a large savings tank near the bedside table had been emptied. Zhang said that the money in the savings jar was not coins, but 100 yuan bills. These money were all part money sent by his son's friends at the 100 day banquet, with at least tens of thousands of yuan. Zhang realized that there was a thief at home, so he had an extra heart, but he didn't call the police

Zhang's pants bag was artificially damaged with a hole, causing his suspicion

one day at the end of December last year, Zhang got up and found that the cash in his pants bag was gone again, and the Mercedes Benz Key in it was also gone. Zhang found a hole in his pants pocket. Zhang said that his pants were just bought, and the price was relatively high, and there was no sign of breakage before, which further aroused his suspicion

Zhang took the pants to the pants repairman to repair them to avoid high temperature burns. The pants repairman said that the hole was obviously artificially damaged, not naturally damaged. Zhang had a clear idea and turned his suspicious eyes to the nanny Ji, because every time it was stolen in the morning, which was the time for the nanny to go to work and clean up. To be on the safe side, Zhang installed a pinhole camera at home, which is connected to his wife's

on January 4, when the nanny took the cash from Zhang's pants bag again, Zhang's wife found it on the spot. Zhang and his wife then called the police

Ji said that she left the key of the Mercedes Benz here and took the money to repay the debt.

nanny Ji admitted stealing more than 20000 yuan from Zhang's family. In order to repay the gambling debt, the police of huaideqiao police station quickly took Ji back to the police station. After interrogation, Ji admitted stealing more than 20000 yuan of Zhang's cash. She said that she contracted gambling last year and owed 100000 yuan in gambling debts. The sales service network is all over the world. The main purpose of stealing money is to repay debts. Ji said that when she was cleaning, she found the savings tank heavy, but shook it and found few coins. When she opened it, it was all 100 yuan bills. She stole the cash in seven or eight times while the family was not paying attention. Every time you steal, you can get 2000 yuan at most and 1000 yuan at least

she also stole money and wallet from Zhang's pants bag many times. In order to make Zhang think she accidentally lost money, she broke Zhang's pants bag, took the car key, set the number of experiments, displayed the current number of experiments, and threw it in a corner, while the money was used to pay the debt

at present, Ji has been detained by the bell tower police

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