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"Nanjing week" will appear at the 2016 London Design Festival to help cultural exchanges

Nanjing Yunjin, Ming city wall, Kunqu Opera and other Nanjing characteristic cultural elements will appear at the 2016 London Design Festival "Nanjing week", which will open in September this year to calculate the polar moment of inertia of the sample. On the 28th, it was learned from the press conference held by Yuanxin of the experimental motor in Nanjing creative design that "Nanjing week" will launch a series of urban culture promotion activities, in which Tang Xianzu's Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion" will be performed together with Shakespeare's plays to stage a cultural exchange between the East and the West

According to di Qing, manager of the International Cooperation Department of Nanjing creative design center, the London Design Festival is an exhibition with the highest level of creative design in the world. Our province has organized enterprises to participate in the exhibition since last year. This year's design festival will open a special exhibition area for Nanjing for the first time to display Nanjing's excellent cultural and creative products, industrial design products, electronic technology products, partial amplification and smart home products. The highlight of this year's "Nanjing week" is "tangsha meeting". According to di Qing, 2016 coincided with the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu, and "Mingdao Yuefu" will select works with dream themes such as Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's dream and integrate them with Kunqu Opera Peony Pavilion to perform at Shakespeare's Globe Theater

Wang ziye, director of Nanjing creative design center, introduced that grafting the cultural elements of Nanjing's current promotion of "enterprise start-up" into large-scale activities such as the London Design Festival will help the exchange of creative design resources between the two cities and stimulate creative inspiration between the two cities. It is reported that after the design festival, the excellent exhibits will return to Nanjing and continue to be displayed in the "city living room" built in public areas such as the city square, so that citizens can have a close contact with Nanjing culture and excellent designs with Nanjing elements

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