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Advantages and disadvantages of violet laser CTP technology

violet laser technology

in the CTP market, photosensitive technology once entered the cold palace, but the emergence of violet laser generator changed this situation. Purple laser generator was first developed by Japan's Nichia company. The first application field of this laser is household appliances, not printing. In the home appliance industry, purple laser is also called blue laser. Now DVD players in the market use this kind of laser

Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you that no matter whether the machine is often used or not, because the wavelength of violet laser is close to the exposure wavelength of traditional PS version, some CTP equipment manufacturers also hope to transplant this technology to the printing industry. The first enterprises to launch violet laser CTP equipment are mainly Agfa and Fujifilm. By this year's drupa exhibition, more than ten enterprises have launched violet laser CTP equipment, and some plate manufacturers have launched plates matching the equipment. It is also reported that in addition to Nichia, Japanese companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo and Toshiba have also begun to set foot in the development of violet laser generators. Purple laser generator has also been greatly improved in recent years. The latest report shows that the power of purple laser generator has developed from 5MW when it was just launched to 60MW at present, and this development is far from the end

at present, purple laser plate is still a strictly confidential technology of various production enterprises, and the specific technical details are unknown. From some introductions, it can be found that the purple laser plate currently introduced is mainly photopolymer plate, so this plate should be negative version. When the exposure area of this plate is less than 50%, the speed must be faster than the positive plate. In addition, the photosensitive agent of this plate is usually a polymer photosensitive material that checks the silver salt by overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, etc. of the measuring system and driving system irregularly. Therefore, its storage and operation conditions are much looser than those of the silver salt plate. It can be operated in the bright room protected by yellow light. Such an operating environment is consistent with that of the traditional PS version, so it is easier for operators who are used to traditional plates to accept this technology. According to the plate manufacturer, this kind of plate adopts weak alkaline solution, which was specially added in the industrial development trend forum shadow at the annual meeting last year, and the printing suitability is close to that of the traditional PS plate. Some manufacturers of violet laser CTP equipment, such as Fujifilm company in Japan, also said that the violet laser CTP equipment currently launched can be upgraded in the future

considering the above aspects, violet laser CTP is undoubtedly a very competitive technology. Although it is hard to conclude that this technology will completely replace thermal technology, it is certain that it will have a strong impact on thermal technology

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