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After six years, Yuchai has struggled to recover the huge amount of money owed by Lutong company

after six years, Yuchai has struggled to recover the huge amount of money owed by Lutong company

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Guide: the case of Shenzhen Lutong Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the government funded Department of Lutong company) defaulting on the huge amount of money owed by Yuchai stock company has recently been fully successful after six years of litigation, execution, criminal filing and other processes, The accumulated execution and collection of more than 16.9 million yuan has recovered all the losses of Yuchai company

in 2016, the industry will still accelerate the liquidation of traditional production capacity through spontaneous supply contraction. Shenzhen Lutong Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lutong company") defaulted on the huge loan case of Yuchai stock company. After six years of litigation, execution, criminal filing and a series of processes, including the general rise in the prices of cathode materials, cathode materials, lithium battery copper foil and so on, the industry has recently won a comprehensive victory, with a cumulative implementation of more than 16.9 million yuan, All losses of Yuchai stock company were recovered

the case of Lutong company defaulting on a large amount of money to Yuchai stock company is a typical case of anti circumvention execution. In 2004, Hu and Zhang established Lutong company in Shenzhen; In 2005, it signed the "principal-agent agreement" with Yuchai stock company to distribute Yuchai diesel engines; In September, 2006, Lutong company stopped paying for goods after a large number of goods, and defaulted on the stock company's payment of 14.43 million yuan. In November, 2006, the company sued Lutong company (with Zhang and Hu as co defendants) to Yulin intermediate people's court, requiring Lutong company to pay more than 14.8 million yuan in payment and interest. After receiving the petition, Lutong company counterclaimed against Yuchai for breach of contract and unilaterally terminated the agency contract, requiring the company to compensate more than 18.3 million yuan. In this regard, 272 fire-proof glass company actively responded. In October, 2009, the Guangxi Higher People's court made a final judgment: Lutong company was ordered to pay more than 14.4 million yuan to Yuchai company, and Zhang and Hu were jointly and severally compensated; Reject the counterclaim request of Lutong company. Yuchai stock company won the lawsuit completely. However, Zhang and Hu unconsciously fulfilled their repayment obligations. In November of the same year, Yuchai company applied to the court for enforcement. After exhausting the implementation measures, 8.1 million yuan was collected from the cases from 2009 to 2011, but the implementation of millions of remaining funds is extremely difficult. With the intervention of the public security organ, Zhang fell behind and had to perform the judgment under the pressure of criminal investigation. He paid 8.83 million yuan to the company in August 2012. So far, the case has received a total of more than 16.9 million yuan (including double interest and litigation costs), and the case has been fully successful

in this case, the Legal Affairs Department of Yuchai not only actively responded to the case, carefully analyzed the case and tried to collect relevant evidence to make the lawsuit develop in the direction of being beneficial to Yuchai stock company, but also, under the leadership of Yulin political and legal system, used all available resources to play a difficult and long game with Lutong company, which made an important contribution to the successful conclusion of the case. For this reason, Yuchai group notified and rewarded the legal affairs department and meritorious personnel

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