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Enterprise IT performance evaluation needs to distinguish between subject and object

any evaluation system should solve "who evaluates? What to evaluate? How to formulate and improve the evaluation of industry guidance for the development of new materials?" Based on these basic problems, this paper systematically analyzes the performance evaluation system of organizational informatization

"who evaluates" actually describes the evaluation subject, that is, the person or organization that initiated the evaluation. "What to evaluate" describes the evaluation object, that is, what to evaluate around and what is the evaluation object? "How to evaluate" is a relatively complex problem. First, under the guidance of the evaluation objectives, we should form a certain evaluation idea and build an evaluation model along the evaluation idea. The evaluation model also includes evaluation methods, evaluation benchmarks, evaluation indicators and evaluation data. Follow certain evaluation steps, use the evaluation model to evaluate the object of the evaluation, and finally get the evaluation results and form the evaluation report

evaluation subject and object

evaluation subject refers to the organization, individual or working group that is mainly entrusted to perform the evaluation. The subjects of informatization performance evaluation can be divided into two categories: external entities and internal entities. However, due to the different evaluation purposes, positions and perspectives, their concerns and priorities are different. External entities mainly include entrusted third parties, and internal entities mainly refer to the organization itself or a department of the organization itself. The attention of stakeholders inside and outside the organization to the informatization performance has also laid a broad demand for informatization performance evaluation

the evaluation working group is responsible for completing the specific work of the whole evaluation process and providing necessary policy, technical and other advice to the expert advisory group; The expert working group is responsible for providing relevant information and reference opinions to the evaluation working group according to the needs of the evaluation work

the evaluation working group should follow the basic working norms, carry out the evaluation independently, objectively and impartially with HRC (diamond cone indenter) 20 (7) 0, and exclude the influence of all aspects, especially the will of the evaluated organization. However, the omissions, omissions and questions in the assessment work and assessment report pointed out by the assessed organization should be carefully answered, supplemented and corrected

the object of evaluation refers to the object of evaluation. Information systems, organizational informatization strategies, informatization projects, etc. can be used as the evaluation objects of informatization. Due to different purposes of evaluation, there are different evaluation needs, so the objects people evaluate will also be different

evaluation steps

whether internal evaluation or external evaluation, all information evaluation must follow certain working procedures, which refers to the process from determining the evaluation object to completing the whole evaluation work. Generally, it includes the following steps:

(1) determine the evaluation object, issue the evaluation notice, and organize the establishment of the evaluation working group and expert consultation group. The appraisal notice is an administrative document issued by the appraisal organization (the client), and it is also the basis for the organization to accept the appraisal. The notice of appraisal shall specify the appraisal task, purpose, basis, personnel, time and relevant requirements

(2) draw up the evaluation work plan and collect basic data. The evaluation work plan is the work arrangement of the evaluation working group for a certain evaluation activity. Its main contents include: evaluation object, evaluation purpose, evaluation basis, evaluation project leader, evaluation staff, working time arrangement, proposed evaluation methods, selection of evaluation standards, preparation of evaluation materials and relevant work requirements, etc

(3) the evaluation working group implements the evaluation, solicits expert opinions and feedback organization, and writes the evaluation report. The evaluation Working Group conducts basic evaluation based on the materials submitted by the organization. If the evaluation is conducted within the organization, only part of the content can be evaluated, depending on the responsibilities entrusted by the organization. If the external evaluation has high strength, durability, temperature resistance, etc., there should be instructions from the entrusted department to act according to the plan

(4) the evaluation working group submits the evaluation report to the expert consultation group for review, delivers the evaluation report to the evaluation organization (client), chooses to publish the evaluation results, and establishes the archives of the evaluation project

before the formal start of the evaluation, the evaluation working group can organize relevant personnel to conduct self-test according to the basic requirements of the evaluation. The self-test is voluntary and preparatory, and the self-test report should have a complete working paper for reference

the evaluation conclusion obtained by the evaluation working group should be compared with the organization's self-test conclusion, and the evaluation conclusion should be supplemented and modified in time. If there is a large difference between the evaluation conclusion of the evaluation working group and the organization's self-test conclusion, the basic data should be checked to find out the reasons for the difference. If the basis is sufficient, the 2017 conclusion of the evaluation should be adjusted as necessary. (end)

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